Head in the Clouds: How Cloud Computing affects the workflow of Businesses and Industries

Businesses have warmed up to cloud computing. Years ago, many were doubtful of this technological shift and were hesitant to make adjustments in their office processes to accommodate it. These days, millions rely on the cloud to facilitate collaboration and the turnover of data. What used to be a risk in the industry has come into ubiquity, and almost indispensability.

Image source: pcmag.com

Before the advent of the cloud, companies spent thousands of dollars on desktop software, which demanded huge capital outlays. The upkeep for storage these days is not as expensive and individuals can have access to their work files regardless of their location. People from different parts of the world can also collaborate and share files without delay. A year’s worth of files that need transferring can be moved to the cloud in days without the threat of losing some along the way. The ease of transmitting files in this method cuts costs, time, and effort.

However, doing almost all the work online could still be risky, especially for small businesses. Large-scale businesses have the means to provide security for their networks and prevent infiltration by cybercriminals. But those who are not equipped to manage cloud security on their own, especially given budget constraints, could be easy targets for hackers. To prevent these security issues, both small and large-scale companies must be responsive and vigilant in safeguarding their accounts.

Thanks to the cloud, people can do more for less time and cost. It is quickly changing the way people from different industries do business. Similarly, it is also facilitating an inter-industry collaborations that were unthinkable in the days of doing business by paper.

Image source: Mytechlogy.com

Since 1999, private-owned VitalSpring Technologies has been delivering business intelligence solutions for healthcare benefits cost management and quality management of large, self-insured corporations, and government agencies. For more information about the services the company offers, visit this Facebook page.


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