Health care in an Internet of Things Reality

Though perhaps not quite mainstream yet, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now being in used in a variety of ways all across the spectrum from wireless key finders to the Dash Button to even cars. A logical progression is that the field of health care will also benefit from IoT. But what sort of impact will the integration of IoT have on how people provide and receive health care?

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Some experts believe that one great advantage of combining IoT with the health industry means that costs can be cut. Because while it’s understood that health care can be expensive, with the introduction of monitoring systems integrated with internet capabilities (like “wearables”) and encouraging use of telehealth, patients will be able to reduce the number of check-ups unless necessary.

Drug management will also be affected by IoT. Some companies are working on “smart pills” that aim to help doctors, pharmacists, and drug companies, monitor products, thereby improving the traceability and safety of the medicines. Other drugs and even pill packaging being developed right now can give healthcare professionals information about how a drug is used and how it affects the patient.

“Smart beds” are also on the way. These hospital beds are being designed to adjust itself providing the proper support and pressure to the patient automatically, without a caregiver’s manual intervention.

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The IoT’s reliance on the cloud and connectivity may cause some concerns with regards to security and vulnerability, especially in information as critical as in healthcare, but developers are working to improve the security of devices to protect users. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration has also released some guidelines for regulating medical devices to improve patient safety and keep reliable data.

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