The Feasibility of Uber-like Technology in The Healthcare System

With the growing population of smartphone users, the application of Uber’s business model is now being studied by health organizations and technology vendors alike to improve the efficiency, mobility, and service quality of healthcare providers. Among potential benefits seen are cost reduction, improvement in efficiency of care, and judicious use of both manpower and resources.

While the concept of “Ubernizing” health care looks promising, applying Uber-like technology to the healthcare system will be much more challenging than what most people expect. Here are reasons why:


  • Uber and the soon-to-be Uber-like healthcare app differ in market segment. Unlike transportation, the demand for physicians, especially in primary care, may pose a problem in terms of supply and demand.
  • The technology will require a powerful infrastructure to move and share data among numerous systems. And in the case of healthcare, much effort has to be exerted as the industry is already decades behind in terms of technology.
  • Even if all the technology were in place, regulatory issues such as privacy and limitation of service might hamper the implementation of the software.
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With these considerations, developers of this new technology must find primary solutions not only in delivering what consumers and healthcare providers want but also solutions to the effective virtualization and implementation of the application. It may take a considerable amount time, but the future looks bright for Ubernization of healthcare services.

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