Taking the straight path to WellZone

Finding the motivation to insert health and fitness-related activities into one’s routine can be quite difficult considering how packed people’s days can get with work, school, and other responsibilities. Even so, staying on top of one’s physical well-being is a must and sometimes all one really needs a little push.

Enter WellZone.

WellZone is a fitness motivation tool wrapped in an exciting social and digital media package created by VitalSpring Technologies Inc., a software company focused on building solutions for the healthcare industry. To help users integrate exercise, proper nutrition, and healthy living habits into their day-to-day life, WellZone makes it inspiring and fun by creating a virtual “buddy system.”



Image source: twitter.com

Since it’s a social networking site, subscribers have the support of like-minded friends to cheer them on and make sure that they’re always focused and following through with their health and fitness regimen. Building on the premise that working out with and having the support of friends makes exercising a better experience, WellZone lets its members share their fitness successes and milestones with friends who are also on the site. Additionally, users can receive incentives and points based on their exercise, diet, and sleep “performance.”

Another one of WellZone’s unique features is the fitness expert-formulated celebrity challenge. The interactive site has enlisted famous celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Mario Lopez, and Courtney Lopez to endorse and lead special fitness programs for a variety of fitness goals like making exercise a family activity, staying fit while pregnant, or using dance to work out the body’s major muscle groups. Seeing celebrities like the three mentioned, among others, try to eat healthily and exercise despite their busy schedules can motivate those, especially fans, who think it can’t be done.


Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

Even better, WellZone’s system is connected with VitalSpring Technologies’ other healthcare apps like Affinyty, another of the company’s innovations that tracks healthcare expenses, among other functions, and allows the user to receive discounts on health and nutrition products. WellZone also serves as the subscriber’s means of connecting with health experts like doctors and nutritionists who can help the users further manage their health.

With WellZone and its partner apps, users have a direct line to managing their health and fitness and meeting their health targets.

WellZone is another project by VitalSpring Technologies’s founder Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu. Learn more about healthcare apps and software by subscribing to this blog.


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